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Anton Kushayev

Almaty, Kazakhstan
March '22MM
Tashkent, Uzbekistan
April '22
Yerevan, Armenia
April '22
Limassol, Cyprus
March - August '22
Yerevan, Armenia
September '22
Dilijan, Armenia
October '22
Santa Margherita Ligure, Italy
November '22
Paphos, Cyprus
December '22 - present. '23

In his paintings, he focuses on the problems of revision of sign systems from the history of art, the circulation of analog images in the digital age, as well as experiences of the demythologization of the "spiritual" in art.
Born in Moscow in 1983, he graduated from the Moscow School of Applied Arts (formerly Kalinin) and the Icon School at the Moscow Theological Academy, and studied at the Baza Institute (Moscow).

CODA. 2022
HERUB. 2022
solo exhibitions

2022 – Frame of sorrow, Voskhod Gallery, Basel;

2022 – Tremors of the Earth, Triumph Gallery, Moscow.

collective exhibitions

2022 – X-nowness, Basel Art Center, Basel