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In this section you will find texts by various specialists (researchers, curators, journalists, writers) who cover the situation of the migration phenomenon from different points of view. In addition, this block will contain texts about the migratory waves of artistic migration of the last century outside the Soviet Union.

Forbidden Texts in Russian Cities

Arseniy PETROV

7. Party of the Dead. Petersburg. 2022.jpg

"Russian society tries to speak through 'partisan' display of anti-war materials..."

"It is unclear who is fighting whom, people are not visible in the shot"

Somewhere nowhere


Tremors of
the Earth



"People have reverted to a pre-discursive state: we describe and perceive the world through its visual image-based instruments"

"Weather with no prospect of brightening up takes on the dimension of historical hopelessness"

Existential Cold

Arseniy PETROV

Russian Artists Searching fora New Identityin Georgia
Screenshot 2023-04-26 at 14.38.56.png

Ekaterina JURBINA

"That country became a refuge for many artists who came here after the 1917 revolution.."

"The challenge for immigrant artists is to be sincere and talk about how they feel at the moment...."

Post-Russian Artists: what is it like to be an artist from a terrorist state?
Anastasia Lopukhina. Rembrand_sashes. New-York.jpg

Alexander A. BURGANOV

The Dark Tower of Postmodernity: notes on the Late Putinism epistemology
The Dark Tower of Postmodernity – cover.jpg

Alexander A. BURGANOV

"Russian propaganda has taken this idea to an extreme, building its own parallel world with its own concepts of good and evil"

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