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Marina Koldobskaya

February 2022: Germany

During the period of Perestroika in the mid-1980s, an independent artist emerged. In the early 1990s, she was part of the first women's art group in post-Soviet Russia called "I Love You, Life!" The group aimed to highlight the artistic elements of everyday life and organized events such as picnics, parties, and installations in both apartments and urban settings. In the mid-1990s, the artist formed another group called "Beloved People," which drew on the traditions of folk art to create contemporary art. She also worked as an art journalist and critic during this time. She has curated multiple art projects, including exhibitions such as "In Search of a Lost Icon," "I Love Money," "St. Petersburg Neo-Expressionism," "Gold for the People," and "ChB." She has also conducted research projects such as "The Female Face of St. Petersburg Art," "Bitch of the Century," "Hand Made," and video programs such as "Something about Power" and "Time and Place." She has been involved in the Art Media Forum festival and has been running an exhibition and educational program called "Actual Art in the Hermitage" since 2004. Additionally, she has curated an exhibition and educational program called "Contemporary Art in the Hermitage."

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