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Polina Siniatkina

Yerevan, Armenia
Mar '22
Arnhem, Netherlands
Apr '22 - Mar '23
Belfast, Ireland
Apr '23 - present '23

Artist and activist working in the field of autobiographical reflective research.
At the heart of her socially oriented practice is a personal experience of isolation and alienation, linked to the suffering of a stigmatized society's stigmatized illness: tuberculosis. In her work she explores collective trauma and social taboos, resorting to different art forms such as painting, sculpture, installations, and performance art.
Pauline's work can be found in the collections of Stop TB Partnership (Geneva), Bill & Melinda Gates Medical Research Institute (Boston), Oxford Immunotec (London), and others.



AT HOME. 2022


First row, premiere in the center of Voznesensky 24.03.22.jpg.jpg



First line is about fighting stigma and reflecting on the experiences of the play's participants during their treatment and recovery. And this is a significant contribution to the popularization of knowledge about how to diagnose and fight tuberculosis.
The play is based on documentary material that emerged from a dialogue between actress Anna Nekrasova from St. Petersburg and artist Polina Sinyatkina from Moscow with director Yelena Smorodinova, playwright Yuri Klavdiev, artist Vasilina Kharlamova, and composer Kirill Shirokov.

First row, performative reading in Peredelkino, 2021.jpg

collective exhibitions

2022 - Experiences in human isolation, curators

A. Kazakova, E. Sheveleva, "New Wing" of the Gogol House, Moscow;

2022 - Monsters under the bed, curator P. Mogilina, Third place, St. Petersburg; 

2022 - *** *****, curators M. Domracheva, L. Matyunina, Tilde gallery, Amsterdam; 

2022 - Un escargot sous un chiffon, curators M. Antsiperova, N. Kudryavtseva, Tonka gallery, Paris

dialogue with the artist