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March-April '22 
May '22 - present

Director of a new contemporary theater that is staging his productions in various cities in Russia and the world. Seven years ago he created in St. Petersburg Pop-up theater - a theater that has no building of its own and its performances are part of the fabric of the city. They take place in bars, on the streets, and in hotels.

What can you learn about the person in front of you without asking him questions? At what point does intuition and imagination kick in, and where do prejudices come into play?

A new chamber play with no actors explores modern theater's limits and the depths into which a person is willing to plunge. Two parallel rows of chairs, an audience looking into each other's eyes, an invisible moderator, and a stack of papers add up to an hour of exploratory and sensory experience.


immersive exhibition

The gallery space in Old Jaffa has been transformed into a total art installation that invites the observer to free his consciousness and immerse themselves in a waking dream world.
The project was created in collaboration with a theater director, sound and light designers, an augmented reality artist, and even a scent designer.
In the sequel, you will get an ASMR soundtrack and instructions on how to practice dreaming at home.

a one-man show with headphones

The old man Bukowski recalls how it all began: poverty and rented apartments, odd jobs and promiscuous women, love and sex, loneliness and madness on the verge of suicide.
And he reflects on creativity, on writing, which has always come first, on his unique path in American literature, on the duel that he has waged all his life.

dialogue with the artist
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