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Turkey, Sweden
June-August '22
Kazakhstan, Georgia, France
September-October '22
Norway, Denmark
November '22 - February '23
March '23 - present

In mid-2022, he became an artist in exile because of his stance against a full-scale military invasion of Russia Ukraine. He has participated and curated exhibitions in Russia, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Hungary, Poland, Norway and Denmark.

His current works include sculpture, installation, performance and video. His works are in private collections and collections of Luciano Benetton Foundation (Italy), Sphere Foundation (Russia), State Tretyakov Gallery (Russia) and Uppsala Art Uppsala Art Museum (Sweden).


2022 - present

Why draw dead invaders?
It is difficult to have compassion for them, for they came by war to a foreign land. But it is necessary to remember them as well. War has become commonplace, stale news. Nothing is over yet, or maybe it's just the beginning, but the displacement is already at work, making war a distant thing.

The war must be stopped!



Since 2015, I have been drawing with a 3-D pen the buildings destroyed by Russian military equipment.
It is my way of preserving the memory of the events we witnessed and participated in.

solo exhibitions

2023 - HELL.  Politikens Forhal Copenhagen, Denmark, Politikens Forhal, Copenhagen, Denmark 27.01 - 25.03;
2023 - GREAT PATRIOTIC at Kunsthall 3,14, Bergen, Norway, 19.11.2022 - 29.01, curators: Ekaterina Sharova & Malin Bart;
2022 - UNTITLED, Verkligheten, Umeå, Sweden, 2022, with Anastasia Sukhareva-Morozova 03.08 - 08.08..​


2023 - A Russian Artist wants us to see the Man behind the Enemy by Bjarke Calvin Vinding;

2023 - Sergei Prokofiev Hell;

2022 - Beware of the One-party State by By Kristoffer Jul-Larsen;

2022 - Uncertain Future: - I will probably go back to Russia;

dialogue with the artist


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