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Sep '22

Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia
Sep-Oct '22
Oct '22 - present

Usually worke with social and political reality, responseIface the challenges of time and the world around. More outdoor experience 12 years old. Main techniques: stencils, posters, muralism, installations, actions, urban interventions. Main topics: social and political topics, interactive and side-specific projects. Collaboration with gallery 11.12 Gallery  (Moscow). Guerilla Street Art Festival Creator "Carte blanche" (2018, 2019, 2020 and beyond, Yekaterinburg). Co-founder and one of the curators of the street art gallery "Sweater" (2014-2016, Yekaterinburg). In the past, he was the curator of the TraFFaret site at the Stenograffia street art festival (2011-2014, Yekaterinburg).

Untitled (Nostalgia)

Perajica Do, Montenegro

42.210053, 18.926633

Thanks for the help and for the photo to Vladimir Abikh

Untitled (Depth)

Canj, Montenegro

42.159546, 19.006280

Photo and video by Bogdan Sinayskiy.

Thanks to Roma and Ilya.

Untitled (Jump)

Kotor, Montenegro

42.417819, 18.768240

Any move is a step into the unknown.

In the current circumstances, it does not even look like a step, neat and deliberate, but rather like a running jump off a cliff. Often you think - was it all necessary? Why is this all? Were there other scenarios? What will this "relocation" turn into? Are you ready to jump

in this "dark water"? But, if you think about it, is this “water” really darker than the one left at home? Could this whole situation be a blessing, or could it be a curse? There are no answers.


Thanks to Ilya, Nastya, Lera, Pasha. 

Especially for Carte Blanche festival

Untitled (INglance)

Canj, Montenegro

42.159571, 19.006331

Photo by Vladimir Abikh

Untitled (slogan)

Misici, Montenegro

42.164524, 19.015615

Thanks to Roma and Ilya.

Untitled (Light)

Kotor, Montenegro

42.420010, 18.766013